11 Lame Excuses for Not Writing (And Why They’re Lame)

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There’s really no good reason why you can’t devote a little time every day to your writing (or something else you love). I hear a lot of excuses; “I can’t write because blah blah and blah,” and I’m here to tell you to flip your excuse-maker to its “off” position. If you love it, do it. Every. Single. Day. No matter what.

Here are some of the most common lame excuses for not writing as much as you could be:

11. Nobody wants to read my stuff.

Write for yourself first. Once you start to write for you first, and focus on the things that tickle your writer fancy and that get those writer juices flowing, writing becomes much more fulfilling and enjoyable to you. A byproduct of that is that your writing is better, which makes people wanna read it. If you are too concerned with what others want to read—which, btw, fluctuates daily—then you will develop a sort of resentment attached to your writing that will make it less than enjoyable. Of course, there is a way to consider what others might want to read while staying true to what you want to write. Find common ground.

10. I don’t know how to type.

“And on the eighth day, God created pencil and paper . . . .”

I know it’s ancient, but there is such a thing as actually, you know, writing. I have a friend who writes like this and he’s always pumped about writing. I think he just finished a novel (Hi Ronald!) And I can’t technically type. I dropped way too much acid during computer lit in eighth grade when everyone else was learning how to type. You just rollll with it, and do your best. (You can always learn how to type by taking a class at your local community college.)

10. B. But—but my hand hurts when I write.

You’re right, maybe you shouldn’t write. Maybe you should join the preschool program down the street and LEARN HOW NOT TO WHINE ABOUT STUFF LIKE A LAME-O. Learn some hand exercises and toughen up, soldier!

9. I’m a horribul spellur and I have no clue how, to use; punctuat!on. Like. At all.

One word: Editor. If you write fiction (and even a lot of non-fiction), you are a storyteller who writes. You don’t have to be an amazing speller who has never spliced a comma in her life in order to tell an amazing story. Write now, fix later. Or get an editor. They live for comma splices and whatnot.

8. I’m not inspired.

“Inspiration is for amateurs, the rest of us just show up and get to work.”-Chuck Close

7. I have writer’s block.

There are 5,000,000,000,000 writer’s prompts online. I promise you’ll find something to open the flood gates if you scroll through some of these. But, if they don’t work…..(Stay tuned; “A Million Ways to Eradicate Writer’s Block Entirely” coming soon, and then I will post the link here.)

6. But my kids…

*screams in your ear like Tarzan and smashes a Lemon Meringue Pie in your face*

Feel that? It’s the lemony eye-sting of I’m-a-single-mom-of-four-and-I-wrote-three-novels-last-year-so-I-don’t-want-to-hear-that-shizzzznit

5. I can’t find an agent/publisher

Um, last time I checked, it was the writer who wrote books, not the agent/publisher. Meaning, having an agent/publisher has absolutely NADA to do with you writing.

4. I suck.

Well, who knows . . . maybe you do. But maybe it’s just that you need to keep writing so you can keep growing as a writer. Maybe you haven’t entirely blossomed yet as a writer. Maybe that’s why you haven’t finished that novel yet. Maybe that’s why you haven’t landed that agent yet. Maybe that’s why you needs ta keep on a writin’.

3. I have a day job.

Write in the evenings. Sleep is overrated. I get five and a half hours of sleep a night and I’m just fine.

*stares at you like a brain-hungry zombie* *twitches*

2. He/she/they say(s) I suck, or that I shouldn’t write because of X, Y, or Z.

Don’t let trolls, haters, and micromanagers tell you what the hell to do with your life, or what you are and are not good at. Others don’t live your life, you do. Really, what do they know about that spiny little monster poking at your guts, whispering sweet threats of demise if you don’t write? He’s the one you should be listening to. Nice spiny monster . . . *tries to pet him and almost loses hand*

Okay, maybe not.

And the number one lame excuse for not writing: (Cue drum roll)

1. Not enough time.

*holds another pie in ready position* *stares you down with evil eye*

You MAKE time for what you love. If you don’t “have time” to write, it’s because you aren’t MAKING time. And if you aren’t making time, maybe you don’t love writing enough. Or maybe you are silencing the inner writer too much because you are listening to all those other lame excuses for not writing. (Click HERE for 13 Ways to Make More Time to Write)

So, to sum up, stop it with all the lame excuses. You have a story to tell. Or info to lay (lie?) out in an understandable and interesting manner on the mating habits of the Northern Flying Squirrel. You are a writer. You are a storyteller. You are a badass. So act like it, will you?

OH, and if you are needing to remember why it is that you needs ta get a writin’,

check out, “50 Awesome Moments Only Writers Would Understand

Until next time, writer peeps 😉

Write on!


21 thoughts on “11 Lame Excuses for Not Writing (And Why They’re Lame)

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  3. I’ve had to learn number 2 recently. And find other writers (mostly online) to befriend. Let’s just say that my circle of face-to-face friends and family isn’t really that supportive. That used to bug me, big time. But I’m to the point now where I just ignore the negative opinions of discouraging people (mostly) and focus on doing what I love.

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  6. Reblogged this on Belly-up! and commented:
    I was just thinking about Christina today, wondering how, as a single mom w/4 kids, she even had time to pee (much less take a shower), and here she is telling us she wrote 3 novels last year. This is one of those “Just do it” moments, isn’t it? Don’t you hate those? Great blog, Christina!

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