Group Hug!! (Thank You for 10,000 Views)


Just recently, I had the pleasure of watching the numbers on my blog flip over from 9,999 to the big 10,000. I am ashamed to admit how giddy it made me. Well, okay…maybe not so ashamed. But I did feel a little silly for getting so giddy. After all, most of those views (over 6,000 of them) came from one slightly-ranty and relatively smart-ass-y post that went semi-viral on New Year’s Eve 2014 (See that post HERE).

It’s funny how something like that goes viral, but the posts I would love to (like this one HERE), don’t. After 4,288 views of one post in one day, it is somewhat discouraging to write things that are truly from my heart, wishing more people would get to read them, but knowing that, unfortunately, what draws the most people are rant-sessions and throwing the “f” word around. Those of you who have been here with me since the beginning, know that I am quite partial to that word. In fact, my blog used to be littered with it. But alas, as I am a mother of four and a YA author, I figured it was time for me to use my big girl words and clean up my act.


There. I had to say it one last time before I put on my Saint-hat and chastity belt. I’ve been shopping thrift stores for old nun garb (shoot me a message if you have any you’d like to donate.)

Anywhoo. The point here is . . . um . . .

Oh yeah, the point is that this last six months of learning how to be a bloody blogging badass, has been one hell of a crazy, fulfilling, and sometimes insanely maddening experience. I have learned so much from all of you awesome people who actually take the time to read my words and comment. I’ve learned that I write things others actually enjoy reading, but more importantly, I’ve learned I have something to say. I write (mainly, here) about writing because it’s what makes my world go ’round. I’ve learned that sharing it with you makes me happy. And the cool thing? It makes some of you happy, too. 🙂

It’s not really the numbers that matter, though 10K views seemed like a good milestone–that clearing with the pretty blue flowers, halfway up the mountain, you know?–to take a moment to tell you all how grateful I am to be a part of this super cool club of introverted intellectuals. I love writers. And readers, well, heh heh . . . don’t get me started on the complete and total awesomness those guys are. Where would we writerly folk be without that precious breed of human there? Such a nasty, dirty, terrifying word…



Can you imagine? The darkness, the misery, the unthinkable hell that would be our forsaken lives?

So, thank you. For the total awesomness that is your writerly half, and the precious jewel that is you, the reader. I look forward to many cozy moments by the fire with you.


Until next time, writerly, readerly humans that I love so dearly,

Write on! ❤



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