“The Importance of Blogging”-Guest Blog by Katy Walker

I started my blog a few years ago as a little piece of something that would be mine and mine alone. I had my second son in 2012 and was left questioning who I was and if there was more to me than babies. Babies are great, don’t get me wrong…but where did I go?


My posts started out as short paragraphs about what I was wearing for a wedding, a movie I was watching, or some small inspiration that I personally needed at that time. In 2014, everything changed when I joined a group on Facebook called Band of Dystopian Authors and Fans. All of a sudden, I was surrounded by a passionate group of people who all loved books as much as I did. I began attending the online book release parties and winning games. I started reviewing the books I won on my blog and, as they say, the rest is history.


Now, I’ve expanded my brand to writing about books, the occasional inspirational post, and geeky stuff. I interview authors and try to spread the word about Indie/Self-published authors. I share my own writing, but also promote others as they release new books. Even though I started blogging for me, it’s grown past that. Now, I help others.


After these couple years of blogging about books, I’ve found a few things to be absolutely true.


  1. People subscribe because they want to read what you say. This may seem obvious. But I don’t have anything to offer readers except my opinion. An opinion that they value.
  2. Indie/Self-published authors NEED bloggers. They need people who love what they write to tell others about their work. To someone who doesn’t have a publisher to promote their books for them, bloggers are GOLD.


And a few tips:


  1. Be kind. Kindness will get you everywhere. I actually wrote a post about always being kind because it’s important to me. That brings me to my next tip…
  2. Write about what you love. This is my 3rd or 4th attempt at starting a blog. I’ve always loved writing, but didn’t know what to write about. If you aren’t passionate about the subject then it’ll end or not be fun to read!
  3. Readers, other bloggers, authors, geeks––they are all friends. Allies. Your tribe. (See point 1 about kindness) They are not the competition, so reach out. Share their posts and visit their blogs if you can! You might find a special person you never would’ve met otherwise.
  4. Take chances. Start new types of posts. It could fail, but there’s no harm done (unless you didn’t follow tip #1).
  5. Have fun!


I’m still learning, but blogging if definitely a piece of my life that I didn’t know was missing until I started. Is it your missing piece as well?



Katy Walker is the creator/writer for THE KATY blog, a site that promotes indie/self-published authors while giving readers a peek at her vast array of geeky interests. Visit her on thekatyblog.com!


One thought on ““The Importance of Blogging”-Guest Blog by Katy Walker

  1. Number 4 rings a bell. If you think about some to the topics I’ve blogged about on occasion…
    Nice piece though. Being kind is important. Unless I’m blogging about Toff politicians in the UK, and The Orange One in the US. They’re fair game


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